Unblocked unblocked Stay here there where you should be hey Billy I don’t see any eye hax tag in your. Name that’s good if I saw an AI hacks person I get prepared craft like two walls where I can block him out I. Am NOT getting dragging here I’m not don’t i’m not dog dragged here by me just cute blind hmm, okay finally thank you for saving me saving my me by going here come on go here yes no I can’t place that there no stupid okay so I was like to, get glitch to the other side it’s not even glitch what no, okay is this a good spot I’m ready to unequip my sword if it comes facing at me just kill it I died No yeah don’t tell me me I can’t I. Can’t I I can’t. Chris Kelly because it’s very hard to tell the Dragon feel like me and yeah come on me dragon can’t you see I’m an easy. Target to kill I’m easy to kill I only have a gold sword no no help me okay dragon yeah you’re really going to be like this I’m. Going to break this okay I should probably get a hammer but you’re in the perfect spot to trap. Okay I’m I’m going to crop the hammer okay get a hammer hammer there we go now real okay. Why you still wasting space with the fur good idea I, didn’t actually think about that I didn’t think about that so funny okay so cold here where’s our dragons dragon comment me a little yeah hey thank you for yes Mike recycle this, cuz I should get, one punch here cracked walls black walls it’s just in the perfect place of crap whatever I can’t trap, it it’s in like the perfect place to trap yes perfect place to trap and yes okay can I be escaped there I don’t think so I hope not this is very easy to kill it. So actually too easy hmm there must be something going on like that dragon is going to.

Come and tell me probably all this happens or this dragon will somehow escape, its pen I’m not excited for that to happen my am prepared not really there we go we got the dragon heart sweet okay get water because, I’m dying of thirst let’s leave this crap place it’s like so bad, okay I don’t have that good I can’t cross another campfire so the camp for the next campfire I’m, going to use has to the outside I just mean I’m going to have to, put this campfire outside please don’t say it good dragon will spawn me like it happen wait duck close answer I remember me oh. I remember you Gaston Franko close answer why don’t hey me I don’t know what you. Mean give me a lot of wood but then we’re good I’m going to go get a ton of gold you need 200 gold, to be exact for the crown hey something funny is that the crown of any shield protects you as much as a stone and, soul as much as a stone helmet and the crown of life helps you as much as a golden helmet I think the reason I like there. You don’t really need any. Like protection on the crown of angel really if you actually think about it and yeah this is. Probably the longest I’ve ever survived before I’ve been streaming for about no no okay normally I’d end off the stream here but no I’m still, alive guys I will eventually not never be able to die but I want to make the, dread Keith my permanent base yeah okay because I love dragon caves yeah okay a lot, of golden I’m getting all right golden helmet I know well despite the stream name this is you best run my best, run and I think I’ve probably gotten better runs off camera or yeah and because one time I had only. A dragon sword no hell narrow and people ran away from me you equals your okay then there yes okay I don’t care about losing mice my golden sword, because literally I can crack mine right now with the resources I have cuz I don’t really care about having a sword um cuz I. Mean if I lose a diamond sword it’s a bigger like kind of a bad problem but by. Only losing gold sword it’s like I can easily get that back 142 I need okay this is not the right tool yes I, tried to hit the gold or wood with my shovel you only lose pick, blue this pickaxe maybe it kind of be bad if you lost your pickaxe instead your sword cuz then you wouldn’t be able to, like farm Anna’s in the dragon capers that’s where my base is going to be at once I get, the crown of angel because it’s the crown of angels in me and I’ll be able to close my. Pet dragons and everybody that’ll say I’m a fan and you make the best YouTube videos we’ll be able. To go into the dragon table everybody else that says like I don’t like your. Videos or I haven’t seen your videos before do it’ll be an X you can’t in the dragon cave unless and unless. A fan wants them to this how look at how much I’ve drained my food from that trip.

There’s no sword little you will lose your weapon I know I don’t care about losing my my awesome I mean, my useless golden sword that we were talking about aims stuff okay no there you need water to craft it though no that’s not a. Problem in fact I can craft it like right now if I wanted to hey where’s the water need the lake okay. And get this here get like. Right there only need about two steak or to me and then I’ll be able to craft it without any problem you should put one fix every the wait wait boom you should go. To wall fix every they try to break and. Just prepare I can read that but properly but okay it’s like when Tina I’m making his. First off with like a normal door there and well I’m just going to test out my sweet crown of angels quickly they mean use the wrench I know about, the wrench someone died here I wonder who that is Oh. Pick that up they’ll pick up this thing hope I get good stuff see you I’m going to get four more drum roll a berry that’s the most useful thing, I’ve ever done you need rest stone I don’t, get it cuz I like a joke now I’m gonna go over to the cave to test out my umm I like so I. Can easily get a resurrection stone okay I’m very thirsty right now I have one two three what do you think would okay it’s. A good amount Hey so you get rents on track people’s gonna get it wait wait wait let me. Read this need rest stone rec stone just direct people Sigma right people get it alright you can get, it I can kill someone with the right for a resurrection stone just by hitting them with a book a million time so they tell me if the sword and yeah.

Actually I’ll eventually, do die nice I have the crown of life because if you hit someone continuously with the crown that as the crown of life you will never kill them tis the kind of life regens health. Too fast for you it’s too fast for, you if you’re using like a stone sword then that’s a whole different story I said rest rekt resurrect Oh Rex don’t IRISA wow this is. Hilarious Oh sunny jokes down here I love it and this is going, to be my first time crafting a resurrection song dude I don’t know how long it takes to crack the resurrection stone bye hope. That doesn’t take that long but I’ll test it out like okay it only has 1000 loads. More than 10 20 or 18 okay how much do I need for a resurrection stone again 45 I think, oh you also need Sun I completely forgot about that hey lag like spikes please lag well I get I’m going to accidentally, fall until the Dragon’s cave stupid lag no no no okay please don’t say I get too disconnected from the stream I cannot control myself right now No oh yeah, oh my god okay stay still there we go I’m so lagging stupid stupidly. Laggy not a good place to place like the resurrection stone is, right around there and then I could put like two doors okay how long does it take to craft this it doesn’t take that long I was expecting it to crap like to. Take a longer time to crack takes about as much as long. As a furnace to proc that’s good and surround these with all your stone walls because stone walls are literally like awesome and we’ll also test it. Out test out the stone resurrection stone craft press did this and then this and yes we’ll lose our gold sword but who, cares. Hey come at me Matt Matt me bear huh this is what the moment we’ve all been waiting for yes make a, chest to store up and now yes I’m hey I’m an angel fine here yes this is so awesome yo ha ha I’m duck please emcee hey hold on I need stone BRB oh and I need, stone be our beef I need stone I need wreck resurrection, stone it’d be funny if someone destroyed the stone already thanks happy funny and then press here and I’m fully okay come on please okay there we, go please there we go ah yes I’m just a man walking through here yes ha okay place stone here whose place. Though in here pools I well okay this is enjoyable very enjoyable fine need. My stone again I need my stone again okay I’m going to die if I don’t do this quick 20 seconds before you die, I want quite slow in the winter ten seconds okay can I will I die. Please say won’t I yes seven seconds ah yeah okay, there’s really no point in wearing that yes this is awesome no I should bring okay okay. Let me hi okay please don’t break my resurrection stone he might but sup I lost my pickaxe my pink pickaxe pickaxe I literally lost my pickaxe we heal, hole destroy your stone crap I literally lost my diamond pickaxe what my die pic lost my die pic hole then. Okay at least I get to me go how do you get that it’s the crown of angel but since I lost, my pickaxe is Ashley kind of sucks I can’t get another stone back all I can do is play, around is this one stone yes I’m just going to, be playing around here okay but let’s ask this guy if you want scene team I can see we said T team sure okay so sweet I’m just going to be farming I lose all my score one okay, this is basically like you die fifteen winter fur how do you get the 15 winter, from ten to the third how you get hats it’s in the recipes so okay I’m farming score from score well, okay I’m just. Going to I’m just gonna farm score in this campfire cuz I’ll last a lot longer what server I’m on Hugh, and I’m right okay I have an idea how about I’m going to get a thousand eyes and give it to someone that’s gonna be hilarious I’m the server color that’s hilarious build server. Color if you need to know the server ask. Em okay I just want to get hit by him what server what server this is a test you animate the server color is doing his. Job okay I’m killing the Dragons by the way this thing is so awesome don’t you say okay Chris I thought that he was, going to like break my son if that was. I’d be like no okay I have 831 ice Wow I forgot I don’t have a pickaxe my spellcraft 1/1 is I. Can’t get anyone any other pickaxe so it’s kind of sucks cross my die take blue take egg XD plus. My diamond take xD well Chronicle succour take take it’s mine okay okay this is I love this, done thank you so much no problem I think the ghost wait a minute I thought chest, I thought you could walk through chest okay Claire can you play me but experimental tomorrow I will I’m invincible everyone 20 seconds before we die but nope I won’t die yep yo okay Rippey has named. A sword. Hey this is so quiet I’m invincible I’m in Bend and invincible invincible now I have an idea how about I’ll make.

A chess in that shot okay I’ll lock that chest and but I’ll do it nitrous it’ll store a. A chat um a pickaxe okay so first one I have to make this pickaxe scrappy one one so useless nobody likes it then I can get an upgrade and stone. 104 I’m going to get the lockers I need to crop this yeah I left the what okay for a second I. Thought that this this if it disappeared look at me I’m like okay you’re still playing what I’m. The reason I’m still playing this goes on, beat because I’m invincible I’m continuously hitting this person well this guy after he died for me hitting him he won’t die hmm I don’t know about that like, I should probably get my stone ready cuz I got my hunger it’s very low okay imagine if someone broke my, son and I didn’t have anymore hey I wanna see all my stats pop up there we go that, looks beautiful run run from him okay don’t read a base this, isn’t me that I probably don’t want to read this okay hey you know what I do I slap people with the book yeah well yeah she. Died from this I wonder it’d be kind of funny feet hide from it – come on – lets play Miami later, close close closer tomorrow I will do it tomorrow hey night will can I recycle this yeah I’d be stupid if I deleted that my dream okay but, I know when you leave wait a minute Zack no he he he’s going to my resurrection. Stone that can’t happen no that’s a no no, wait a minute I think I know he’s doing he’s breaking my son crap rip stone rip me okay. Hmm come my way I I need paper route okay come on kill him don’t want, to come okay don’t come this time okay this Mike your to know that what kind my stolen pickaxe it’s like looks ugly I, want my I want a golden one but since it’s okay you know I I don’t think this is a good time to go out here we. Out here no okay okay I thought you were breaking my own yeah so tell me I am. Sub thank you ha how do I kill you how do I kill you with shovel right. Kelly with shovel kill okay oh um tell you with the shovel bye by you know you’re going to enjoy slow take me I. Don’t need your meat I don’t uh yeah sure let’s see can I pick up his grave. With a shovel that’d be hilarious I hope I get his um like his pickaxe that would be what I want yeah good, clear some space you know okay don’t need your thing you don’t need these two things. Okay I hope I get okay when are you going to leave because I. Want to play but you will leave soon no I only got a shovel you just paid guys I just got a stone shovel it’s better with my old rusty diamond shovel right honey. You know what I like to do do this this is so funny stop pulls man trololo yes I am throwing, you I just realized that some it’s, not it’s daytime so I should probably get a pickaxe I won 150 to me oh and even see that I I literally did not know about that oh that’s hilarious I had no clue I’m going to.

Need to bring. You today so let’s see on the mini-map I like how much do I need I need about get 50 I need some me gold okay, okay there’s two gold there hopefully that’s enough I don’t think so but okay this is so slow mining this. Yeah what’s the most amount of viewers you’ve had told Stoney about eight or nine okay okay keep this here and wait I need to troll this guy even more okay, please say I can kill this guy I. Wanna be able to kill him with the literally just of a XT okay now it’s daytime I’ll be this sucks at state I know cuz now I won’t. Be able to do stuff. I mean it’s nighttime just I hate nighttime for then here hard to stand here we have this pick a location hold it because then I’ll lose it yeah I’m literally just going to keep dying and then. Going back and I still in the. Whole time whole entire time I also be gathering some diamonds okay put that here I do the spin of luck you’ve, almost been streaming for two hours now cuz I’m invincible so I actually go home I can leave. Oh I’m crafting I don’t need okay okay put that here and bye-bye I’m going to die and, then collect some more diamonds done I went to Mercy is on the leaderboard but I’m definitely not on the leaderboard cuz they keep dying it counts as I’m dying. But I’m really not okay shiny diamond pickaxe for that I need some and now I’m going, to need eighty stone it’s quite a bit, I can only craft a wrench I’m in oh I’m in a Opie base well if you want me to be there just make a resurrection stone he’ll probably be there. I’ll be coming there the resurrection stone is well too much I don’t sing like think it it’s too expensive how much do I need for the. Diamond oh I don’t need any well I mean I do need gold I really think I. Don’t need this shovel anymore okay I recycle it no I, don’t know tell me guys Donna’s there we go stay time these bears keep following me till I go through a wall now where is gold there there’s gold how far. My whip and the spray close one where there’s tears those kind of friends with Billy Holly were cool okay. The next stone I see I’ll hit make. Three three stone that so bad I didn’t see any stones here okay then I’ll come across gold on the way here to my resurrection stone that’s. Cool there we go can I score Ferriero crafting a diamond pickaxe and he just uh wait wait wait for me he doesn’t my wait for. Me one I feel kind of lonely hey where do I have this. Much ice i am i guess i have got my face than 45 stone I know I’m going. To do a drag in the keys I’m going to run as far as I can as far as I. Can possibly go and place the resurrection stone not carrying my pickaxe, cuz I’m gonna lose it and then like my break at resurrection stuff the last part um oh okay I don’t. Know what I’ll do but I’ll get I’ll keep your chest on me and then I’ll okay crap I I might not be able to, do this yes I will okay I forgot I can’t fire cuz those ones have to lose my yeah whooping bad and I wanna, I want to do this at nighttime I mean at daytime not nighttime nighttime is the worst time to. Do this so there we go I have this resurrection stone pretty sweet no any gold nah I’m thinking trading with people all, right I could no I shouldn’t okay quickly put this here, and quit my helmet however if I lose a resurrection stone right if I go in this resurrection stone I’ll lose a red resurrection stone perfect, sense right right okay dragon you really want me right do okay I’m running in here run in here and hopefully I don’t die I’m ready to equip. My helmet I need to and my dad’s going in, my room okay place here there we go like at night and I can die there we go now, this is getting a campaign poster after this I’m a half asleep but well like yeah but I can I can try to play flows oh I oh I’m complete knew about, that but I’ll try okay okay whoa I glitched way for this cool down there yeah, this is how you get two diamonds everybody I mean amis yeah is this stream is getting. Quite boring but uh is it but there are quick hungry games. Oh there is cool now I need enough red chest yes a bit although as far as I can possibly go in the cave and play click quickly place a chest down. And then I’ll place my pickaxe in it I hope they’ll work there we go okay so it’s almost a time where. Every turn is daytime I’ll go and race down there we go okay I’m going in I’m. Going in here I forgot about crafting the chest imagine if I lost my pig. Ass the chest crap a lock I don’t think I’ll use it but why not anyways whoa Wow okay quickly, go here go go in here yes and okay okay lock this chest I’ll place my pickaxe – there we go and now I die wait I’ll, attract the Dragons outside of the cave I’m not able to please some time I literally, almost died there almost died okay paint these, dragons outside of here where I’m going to be mining they even these two dragons so Crouch these are my pet dragons okay. Come here come here come here two dragons YouTube people’s YouTube dragons okay come here come here everybody gather here gather around here yes go here okay this is cool. Now I have this place where I can meet you okay wait for the stupid cold on I can equip this well. Let’s go mining for ants that’s the easiest way to get ham it’s only takes us forever. Okay how much do I need for a, hands pickaxe I need 30 main tired of saying aims am standeth okay an idea I’ll beat I’ll bake these in these I’m dragons is animal dragons some wait a minute that these are like all the, dragons in the whole. Dragon cave right here okay get them out gather here come on come after me guys don’t you don’t you guys don’t want to kill me fair enough okay, I hope I don’t die from this I did my five here Eddie oh come on that is crazy okay so like okay I. Didn’t bring my pickaxe well I’m getting kind of bored right now guys so um yeah I want to give someone else my, all my stuff okay I read that’s what I want to do so. I’m going to find someone give them my stuff you know if I want to get my stuff then just be the first one, to come here and again I don’t have enough resources for Justin I didn’t even bring my pickaxe mommy let’s go, okay this guy Leawood we were trolling so. Like he deserves the this huh yeah I don’t have a pickaxe so I make a chest okay he’s making a chest those bows okay come here no thank you this. Crown crown of life one second okay you’re recycling anything hey, bottle don’t think you need that yeah this is just useless stuff 13 do you need this let’s trace the art away, okay take a chart all right I’m out of useful things I’m out of useful things JK I only have five one. One score only have five one ones for cut cuz stone reset score bye. Bye B okay so that you really want me to do follows so yeah I’ll do a. Little bit fuzzier thank you very much lucky enter game oh ok respect dating – alive okay the stasi stealthy creep okay you lost play again let’s play and F yes presser. I have a gun now by starting in ten nine eight seven six five four three okay there we go I think.

We press F hold on us how do, I get these crates good do it ranged all you got okay oh wait oh there’s there’s a hammer I have a humor I really don’t know how to play this game a crossbow F, okay yes I have two hammers I can’t pick, that whoa how do I do this way that okay smell his headgear and what server in my on on Silicon Valley Silicon Valley number one okay then okay. That guy’s see how was that guy hitting that well he’s holding a shotgun now I even switch, I’m a completely new about this, game okay let’s see spectating takes forever press kit all you press Q makes sense oh did you see, that inspecting these people like well okay again f get this ax battle hammer where I can I rather have, this or this this it looks lot cooler get the oh my a sword sure why not oh no it’s a gun Oh like what got that’s stupid no spring shirt – space entry, game only 12 y please die please die all you’re doing the medica thing well, I’m going to do about one more game and you can i you can duck yes okay I prodded. You are awesome please survive as long as you can unknown you evil okay six alive just please end this game for me please this light, speed there are light speed please survive let’s. See if you can do it you can do this you can do this Oh rip rip rip. Light speed let’s team okay and that shotgun I think it’s a shotgun right for Sasha often but every I’d like rifle I’m racing well it’s kind of bulky no don’t you cannot yes you’ve. Killed white speed how dare you you’ve killed the person that killed light, speed yay okay the game game finish play again okay this time I hopefully won’t become a new cuz I suck at the game like no no my. Lag so much lag i can get this f f cute too yes Oh team T circling means team okay enter nice. Team update 18 yes yes oh no kill me Lightspeed hi I’m the guy in this guy right speed no that, was fun okay one more game but this time I’ll make sure lucky okay Lightspeed what. Yeah did you see that those hilarious I see yes pass them literally can see. Where I’m at go here okay I’m hoping I’ll see Lightspeed come back and we’re even is he he’s around he’s. In a green ring she okay nice wow that guy had actually is very overpowered like I’ve just bared that out let’s meet you. Can do this you can do this kill unknown five you can do it, Oh No unknown five you shall die from from the skies wrath round six right please like yes three this time I’ll, be named ducky okay oh yeah – nice okay get this okay this hey would I rather have this rocket she looks. Cooler F oh I got armor sweet like okay, yeah I got ammo bro okay this is there anyone here I can hide here okay let’s see if they’re gonna going can I go to the middle all right wait let’s hide here oh here. Okay there we go, no one will find me huh yes see try find seminal employment you know Boris closing in on us we, must go to the middle and hide there no I literally died by him yes you will Lightspeed your God your God you will have to tell him yes okay now let me. Change the title whose dad IO at and ending yes this is a good ending okay let’s put these in bronze Oh light speed is. Good one okay I can change my name I was going to change my name. To light speed is God I can’t lag lag lag lag stupid line okay I can’t oh there we, go thank you oh my this is overpowered no way light speed you are God, you know okay there’s some people I want to do a lot of more games this is so fun I haven’t. Really ever played suppose I oh but it’s so fun actually, it just like a moo moo dial where first you saw as a complete noob but then you get better like. Very well cos yeah I learned to eat food very fast all like yeah hey um by the way the boy is coming on you so it’s closing on you so I I’m probably. Moveth out are you you are moving I didn’t mean that direction badly I know, what happens if you’re on the red part of the map maybe you get pushed to, the like green part maybe I don’t know Wow JB guy is doing very.

Well on red you die whoa okay two players alive two people did you see that okay oh you got all Z that’s cool no wait what. Did this vehicles team okay wait wait you can be unlikely I’m invincible I’m invisible I mean wait wait. Wait wait I’ll hide here and these people what I I’m blind okay let’s see let’s see fight and survive for kinda blonde okay respecting the, sky so I kill me he’s evil hey where is he he’s he’s looking for stuff okay I have an idea Oh light speed is, God my speed is God I forgot your, name is what lights me there then both of you those of you who really died really both of you died that’s hilarious. Yes the streams okay so spam is almost going to get over I did that I’ve been streaming I can’t eat, white stream Oh II at the end okay those are okay lights we like light speed you can tell them, oh look at your health look at your health no no this guy won’t kill you oh my light speed you are. Surviving with this much health I cannot believe that wow that’s a that’s pretty impressive oh you likes me as God play again light speed is. God I have this over power gun I see it I see f okay what’s going on here don’t no no. No no now my speed your God you can do this but exactly tell me. If I should do a livestream, on those i/o I’m thinking I’m doing it cuz I realize how fun it is cuz yeah the only part is that you have to spectate oh yes Dave you killed him, my god I killed me it was light speed heart yes you should. Heart okay I’m not considered doing that so so there oh I thought that was like soy I’m doing a lot of spectating okay there’s someone it’s just fun they put so many obstacles and. Things make it think that there did you see that doobie is fast asleep it’s practically Hunger Games I know. It oh the unknown is this unknown, one oh I think that unknown one might be watching the stream cuz you know. He knew he’s there or he might be doing something else yeah I’m okay get away from me no Lee you’re killing me no yes yes yes yes how did I do that really, okay I think Lightspeed might be hiding is he I hope I hope he is and then okay he’s spamming things like when. Chills Wow Thunder bull, just wrecked him unbolts hiding okay I suppose God he is oh come on that old Pete that step gun is like so overpowered the machine gun. Have about five – OH did did you see that kill that was like a dairy oh there is someone please, say okay you literally just ignored okay yes okay please probably only do one moment I mean we game but this is so laggy I count. The world border like the border closed. Okay like sweet light speed you are so awesome at this my to me is truly God subtract lip stop following me, is dang I can’t get anything from here no I okay finally one thing I’m that’s my luck do you see that kill goes awesome that means I won the game. Now anyone here after that machine gun have speed what else will I get, speed okay speed boost yes get killed funny I’m very fast with these boosts hmm I. Should get the shield we actually think about it it was a good idea oh. Oh no no no okay machine gun versus machine well as I said it’s gonna be the last video but I will be doing some more bows Roy oh yeah hopefully, so yeah light light subscribe yep bye .