Hey everybody I'm blitz welcome back to another IO game this one is called Bozzio and this one is kind of like one of those battle royale games actually by the mumu developer and i wanted to check it out.

With you guys today to see what I could do and see if I can be all right look at this, guy he looks pretty neat all right so there's, boxes we got ammo there's a big hammer down there Bruno's got a hammer we can have your nerd stop hitting me stop hitting me can we dodge duck dive, no not really we do have stamina whoo I can get a. Gun press F to get a gun to to button nice what is this how do you change guys arrows Mel stroke papel skate Oh are we, going now this regen oh is this is this actually it there's 14 people alive right now can I be the winner.

Who is that I got something else was this one more region okay.

I got double the regen going I don't see.

Any other people I got some brass knuckles got some ammo what's this thing a shield I got a shield now. Okay that looks good we can camp up I'm gonna grab another region here oh it's melee melee attack what's this, thing okay fo it's a pistol I want the shotgun instead of the pistol I don't see anyone and it looks like the box is actually getting smaller and smaller isn't, it press F I have full health oh boy there's a big hammer I kind of want. The big hammer so I can get my shield. I can get the gun that looks good I think I might just hide in a bush for I can't hide in that bush oh nine people alive I'm gonna win and I haven't even seen anyone there's. Another shield let's see let's go hunting Oh eight people live now I still haven't seen, anyone I feel like if I do, see someone it's gonna get kind of messy here oh this is a good spot this is a good spot to hide I'm gonna go to the middle of the map and kind. Of hide in the middle six this is going super quick oh this guy, Oh a nice check who get rekt yes that was awesome okay yeah reload blitz number one, that's number one okay and haha hi oh this guy o get rekt get rekt again oh he hit me he, hit me he hit me here's the regen used to reach press F on this thing oh god speed oh there's the regen going regens going hiding, in the bush can't hide in that oh. Boy there's two alive I saw him I knew where he was Oh missed me missed me Oh victory Vict Ori that is the blitz battle cry I gotta try that again that.

Is awesome can we just go there's a big sorority thing I want, this in my life actually I'd like that big gun we had there's an axe oh man this is intense this is quick to super quick that was two.

Minutes that lasted two minutes I didn't think I'd actually win my first one I guess I was gonna the last one to. Find, anyone else are we going now we're going I should probably grab stuff instead of talk and be a good idea what's this one do press F I don't even have any bullets I don't have a, gun to get. Bullets I haven't seen a gun here's a crossbow all right we'll use a crossbow that's what I like the best in my. Life anyway oh let's grab this this edge here yeah grab that regen nice good some bullets for my crossbow one ammo I have four shots now terminator, Oh double kill yeah recta this thing is actually really good it's like a one shot kill five alive got two kills got my, regen going up like crazy where are they it's for live I kind of want to camp out cuz I only have one one. Weapon Oh oh. This is not good not good I need another weapon any I need any stuff I'm gonna die and be so, dead me like so three dads all wrapped up into one dead puddle oh boy there's the edge map there's the shield I don't want that, give me that I got to ammos now three people alive grab this there we go I'd like that where are you where, are you health create oh I miss oh I missed again, give me this no oh my got it oh I got 10 mm oh no nice ah enemy killed that's number three oh man. Where are you you're hiding in a bush oh who is outside yes but that's two in a row it's two in a row okay. I want this thing nice that's amazing okay I want I want that thing actually I don't really want that. As that is it me or is just is it other. People are bad I think I just hit in the bush I'm gonna shoot him in three. Two one yep that was he's busy what is that that's a pistol okay grab some more ammos one ammo in the box I want to regen thing in. Here please Armour take armor there's health health what else Oh more ammo take this this is a lot of fun Oh health pack I want that's, the same gun I already have people are dying so fast people are dying super fast, I want a different gear oh no not that one nope nope this is what MooMoo should have been because MooMoo just turned into people, killing each other all the time oppress no, I don't want to press em we don't need to pay respects to that okay oh I sup buy some bullets oh no bad idea haha Wow I, hope you get a shot from back here I need health now I'm in trouble it's, for alive where's the health packs crossbow grab a net Oh health nice Oh, 250 that's not very good I need more just 3 alive there's the pistol do you have armor ooh three ammo I might need this oh I need that can I get that I, got it oh that was not good. Idea don't step outside that box oh oh I see him everyone oh he's gone he's gone where were you where were you oh oh, you was hide in the bush shoot man okay I'm gonna exit to the lobby I'm gonna change up my gear I don't like that help helmet, what do we get welder mask Diablo mask that sounds cool clothing spec ops gear woodland shirt forester, shirt Forester shirt enter game oh yes that's awesome looking I didn't know that guy had. A shotgun in the trees though we got I got ammo I can't grab oh man it's already going oh there's a crossbow with ammo closeby okay I, want it why can't, I pick that up ranged hey hey maybe other people are having the same problem now now hmm that was weird yeah we're, gonna try this again welder man sir knuckles that's awesome oK we've got another mystery crate to get 13 seconds, gonna pick it up yet not yet we're gonna hold off here and pick this up as soon as I can I like that we'll. Damask check that out isn't that cool looking with the little hat, or the horns on it okay we ready get set and go got it armor already good oh there's another one probably be a good idea if I got a gun so I'll go grab, this one oh we got speed a little faster Hey. Huh ha ha ha pout pout and pout and pout and whoops.

Good idea I can't even talk I just made rumbling noises Wow I did not do good that one not any partners let's try again see what I can do oh we got. A gun right here we got a shield right there I think that'll work oh I can grab it you can grab it beforehand that's, kind of dirty nice y'all you got to easy, easy peasy lemon squeezy we got some range attack damage I got some shield going up um we are health there another health, oh man people are dying so quick another another shield man they like these shields I feel like, the time that we use to shield it didn't work very good so I'm gonna grab these instead oh there's a uh-huh here we go I saw. Someone over here probably in that Bush no they're not that Bush I'm gonna be in this Bush though, nope no just kidding there he is what now that that's flowers cheaters okay I need I don't need to reload just, kind of circle in the corner, over here seems to be what most people do just kind of hang out in the corners don't need health. Would've been nice if I did then I have some free health but nope another hammer okay we'll hang out down here hang out down here everyone's dying I haven't seen anyone and everyone's dead. Oh correct yes I destroyed his life okay I'm gonna grab this one cuz this one looks funner to, death it's could be okay no hide that's not. A bush to hide in and this one is true ain't nobody can see me now nope okay where are they there's. Three people alive yet I'm hiding I bet everyone's doing the same thing I'm doing seems to be the meta in a game, it's just hiding Shh oh I'm gonna have to move pretty soon cuz that that hurts real bad okay let's see oh this. Guy is terrible this gun is terrible it's the same gun oh great oh there's my rifle again got that back my. Rifle back oh boy where are they where oh there's only, one left I don't like this don't like this okay I know I got one more in me oh we, got a gun down here nice dirt yeah got it wait how did he. Already get a weapon he's already chasing people around hey no no no no no no no no no no this is mine this is mine this, is mine stay away from me stay away 2 1 and what what I wanted it how come I can't, grab good dammit to me nope that doesn't work we had this problem before get ammo okay that one says depress F I.

Got a shield thing that's good and stuff there's these guys over here that's so slow get more my can't I pick up, any food we're gonna have to grab this oh there's a gun okay ready get set and can't grab. The gun must be a melee only around oh yeah there's no a second box down here I called I called the tornado, that's my nickname that was my nickname in college the tourney oh that's actually really, dizzying give me this give me this armor which would you chill the tornado I'm gonna I'm gonna murder eyes some people cheat ah okay oh I'm gonna. Grab this instead hey how do you have weapon how did, you get a gun you look oh uh huh hello unknown I'm gonna. Slice your face hole open good job good job Oh easy tagging me with this stupid shield but yeah yeah yeah got you get, rekt okay I need health regen now there's only three alive I want the gut oh I got a gun now how does that work how did I how did. I not able to pick up a gun before but now I can maybe it doesn't, fire yeah that totally total working gun haha that was leggy oh I don't know what to do now we got problems houston we got. A problem oh oh. Hey no I don't have chitchat chitchat about energy oh no way second place I had to do one more because that was weird that was glitchy because the guns and stuff. Didn't work but they did work Oh kraspo give me that give me, the crossbow now give me this one and then that one I'm right okay seven I can't put this game down so much fun four three two one give it. Give me give me the thing give me the thing good ranged good Oh someone already died Armour nice oh there's, another crossbow maybe, this one has more bullets no they both have three dum doo dum dum dum dum dum where are you Oh another one we got it regen and I'll get so many power-ups another region here cha oops. I missed hey ready get set and ooh wait for tea Wow get rekt okay now I don't. Have any guns bullets so I'm gonna take this one it's dead and, I got three bullets again okay six alive I got to stay alive. A little bit longer oh there's a pistol maybe I want the pistol I can't get it Wow how many upgrades do I have another pistol take that Oh ammo yes ARMA crate or health, great I don't smell anybody there's a sword sword yeah take this sword it sounds cool. Health pack what else do we have I like that like I like that picture right there it's kind of cool isn't it. Or maybe the big sword oh the crossbow looks cooler hope someone died wrist is in pepperonis is okay don't be. In the middle I would have shot that but I already tried and that's a flower and I missed you got you. Get wreck um what's, next I need more ammo I can't I can't here's this would be more ammo just one more ammo maybe I should grab that gun should I hang out here by the gun oh yes dirty shot. Now is. Next you are hello Oh uh-huh I only got one more bullet in me though oh boy now I got to go in here oh I did it nice. I didn't realize really really that's out a win that's how to win boys thank you for watching to the episode of foes. That I owe if you liked it go ahead and check it out down below in the link in the. Video description and keep your stick on the ice we'll catch you next time .