How's it going guys Trey here and welcome to a new IO game now this one is called foes dot IO and if you are a fan of battle, royal well that's pretty much what this game is so you go around in an Ohio setting and play battle royal basically so I'm currently in a match right now. They are very very fast matches so we're gonna have some fun today see how far. We can get I'd obviously like to get, to first place there's currently five alive right now you start with about 15 on each game and then you go from there so all I got is a crossbow right now. But the crossbow in this game is quite good actually I, got an axe too so I'm lying but oh I don't think he saw me okay he doesn't see me because, I'm so far away oh did I connect oh please tell me I connected okay did not connect but that's all my did. And go crossbow to the face so the crossbow in this game very very very strong which is a good thing ah for alive already we're already almost. In top three so that's good oh oh you better oh no I'm on ammo oh. That's not good that is not good I got oh-ho-ho-ho use the tree use the tree okay okay, all I got is melee come on yes oh. My god worked out for me to alive okay let's go grab this pistol oh man Pike I couldn't grab the pistol Louis oh man I had that one, I almost got first place first try alright so let's play again and actually start from the beginning here so there's 18 alive so it does start with quite a, few people here let's try what is, this gun obviously a long-range rifle it looks like so we're gonna go around and see what maybe I should do yeah you.

Know what let's do the shotgun and yes hey okay you gotta be quicker than that man alright we're just gonna stick to the outskirts they're. Here because people like to camp in the, middle and hide in the bushes and I don't want to deal with that I want to actually fight some people right now so we're, gonna go around the outskirt I got a pretty good setup here oh I've got, a speed boost here so those question marks give you a bunch of different buffs obviously you want to find those things and yeah aside from that, just weaponize yourself and hope you got some good aim and some good skills cuz they they. Will definitely help you as well alright I'm actually not seeing too many people on the outskirts twelve people still. Alive we got lots of time here so we're just gonna go around and collect some ammo cuz we could definitely use it this guy you you don't got, any health left you shot me first but you're dead alright let's actually go in a little bit and do. The same thing so I want to go give me melee damage boost so that's good so, it seems like the bushy ones are the only ones you can hide in the other ones. They definitely have stumps in the middle that you can't go inside so they're technically trees these ones, the ones that look like clouds you can actually go inside and chill which is obviously really cool, but as you can see the fields roving and that's not good for me. I got so lucky there he had the first shot off but he did miss four people are alive I got three kills so far maybe I should, grab this shield cuz yeah oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho okay he killed him but not me there we go come on did I win oh I thought I win, it so there was still one guy alive we killed each. Other ah I played that well though so I'm pretty happy with that alright and that's why I. Like this game it's just so quick like one game after another after another Oh gigabit yeah well actually you know what I'm gonna take the crossbow, here and we are going to snipe you good sir snipe you good sir oh man like my aim is on, point right now I have in mind I lied all right so I only, got one ammo left let's grab some more ammo let's grab some armor here and BAM done all right I'm feeling good man I am on a roll today and double kill yes please, come on bring it on triple kill giving them to me oh man and can we get. The other one yes, we got another enemy killed all right we're already at four kills we've pretty much killed half the team so far.

Or half the opponents I got to go get some health and play it a little bit more casual, though all right are these brass knuckles oh man maybe we can brass knuckles someone that would be embarrassing the benefit of brass knuckles though is they're not very big. So if you did want to hide in the bush you would be obviously very. Well hidden so that's good I definitely need to go find some health Oh speak of the devil there we go back to full healed I got 21. Ammo we are good to go let's go, oh I already seen some shooting oh there we go [Laughter] man why am I not this good at. Other games one thing I do go to watch is my ammo though you do use a lot of ammo with this gun and we still got four alive so I'm gonna stick to the outskirts. Hopefully they fight each other a little bit I'm just gonna, kind of wait it out obviously I do need to move in as the thing moves in but I want to stay off as far, away from the opponents as possible because I do not, have enough ammo oh man Oh whoa-ho-ho okay okay okay okay come on I got six ammo I'm still good come on come on over let's actually grab this and three ammo on this BAM oh no, no no no I need to go back and get this gun all right. Here we go back with this gun this guy here oh no no. No this isn't good all right you guys fight each other I gotta get, this one and I got no ammo on this brass knuckle time brass knuckle Ashley stay out oh man I just ran around until I won there but you know what I ran out of ammo and all, those guns all right so our first victory that, was those a really good game so let's try a couple more here I. Mean we're doing so good we may still keep trying until we start losing I can't pick up that for some reason it's probably cuz match is still starting let's wait for that to count, down there we go melee damage up yeah this thing's not letting me pick it up so it must be a little. Bit of a glitch actually that's not letting me pick it up too I hope oh okay. Okay okay okay what the heck so some of the weapons are, not letting me pick them up but I I obviously got really lucky there all right we're gonna. Take that melee let's heal up a bitch I don't know how that guy didn't, beat me maybe he's a bot I have no idea there's a lot of people playing this though so I'm assuming there isn't BOTS all right let's, grab that we're fully healed once again eight are alive and let's try a bush strategy so I'm gonna go actually I need to get a smaller gun, and do a bush strategy but if we go I mean that's not obvious at all let's go grab this question, mark and see if we can find what was that it missed it I got speed upgrade I'm gonna grab, the crossbow actually maybe just maybe I can hide out with the crossbow I mean. It's kind of sticking out but people aren't gonna really notice, that there we go now we are fully hidden and we're actually well we're not really in the middle of them absolutely. Actually yeah let's move well I want to go to the middle of the map and I know I can hide with the crossbow so that's obviously, good alright this is pretty much the middle right here oh gone done like dinner and now we wait. Ah this feels really douchey I only got two ammo left only three. Are alive though so all I need is two shots two very well-placed shots here maybe I should go get that gun now I don't think I need it though I'm just gonna chill here you, know have a good time and you know I got to go get that gun cuz I am going.

To regret it if I, don't we got 32 ammo now so we are good to go where are you guys I know okay there's only one left there he is there he is there he is there he is there he., Is and wins in a row man oh dude this is going too well for me this this never happens on the drag-ass channel alright you know what let's try the pistol Oh what haven't we. Tried that's the question I'm going to grab this if, I can yeah you at the way for the countdown there's another one over. Here so we're gonna grab both of those to buffer a character and then we'll go from there so give me something good regen that's actually really good that means I don't need to. Find health if I don't need it and Oh somebody's over there all right there you go yeah Oh what are people doing.

Him maybe it has to do with lag but some people are not the best of players oh yeah there's definitely a, little bit of lag as you, can see all right well grab that one melee damage I'm getting all the buffs range damage, very Oh oh okay yeah let's just pull back don't don't need to be a hero if they hit me first I do not want to fight them all right can we get the, hat trick though guys can we get three wins in a row I I got so many buffs, right now actually I'm gonna grab the shotgun here cuz I am lagging a bit and that's worrying me. I'd rather not die due to the leg Oh somebody I don't think that's that's definitely a flower so there really hasn't been. Too many people hiding which is nice let's go grab this ammo. Watch out for that always watch out for the cloudy bushes cuz they might shoot you oh hey cry-baby Oh reject me yes there we. Go there we go BAM enemy kill okay thank God for that region mind you we still would have been totally fine and there's. Another one down, so three kills already oh yeah you know what let's grab that we haven't even had a melee weapon yet ah so we got two of my man can I get the hat trick, three wins in a row that's the question I am gonna be fully reloaded watch, out for his crossbows yeah this ain't going well for you dude oh man can anybody defeat drei that's the question. Let's keep going until we lose at least ah did we try this good I don't think we did so let's. Grab that and well we either didn't try this one or that one this one. Okay this is an auto gun so yeah let's just use this and you, know what I'm gonna use the shield as well we're gonna try a different strategy here I don't really like this gun but you know what everything else is going so well for me I feel like. I got to try some weird stuff so we have a fully auto gun I'm gonna. Go actually right to the middle as well and see if I can camp it out because that should be fun and, it might go well there you go good bye good sir ah let's, grab some more I only get three ammo per box though for an automatic weapon that feels weird actually you. Know what I'm gonna move back to the crossbow the crossbow it takes the most skill in, my opinion so I want to see if I can use this and get some one, shots and we're just gonna camp in the middle again and see how long oh oh okay got that one see you later Big Daddy Big Daddy, oh yeah you better good bye kids oh dude I feel bad I feel bad that I'm so good at this all right oh oh I'm. All out of ammo I'm all out of ammo okay so I gotta go I gotta go find a weapon is what I need, to do. All right we do have a mall over here so it's so slow it does so much damage though ah man if I could have one hit him that would have been great so we. Finally lost but we did good anyways man alright now that I saw how this. Mall works it is so slow but okay we got a speed upgrade that's obviously good oh I didn't even know I had a sprint this, whole time I did not know I had a sprint guys and I've still been winning so clearly I, don't need it but.

Uh yeah we're gonna try out the mall here see how good this thing is speed upgrade once again so I am fast on my feet and that's really good for the mall I don't think this. Thing's any good but we'll try it it's alright only four more alive I have been actually seen anybody. Yet so it's been actually pretty barren where I've been they've been, seeing they seem to be in the middle so maybe I should stick to the outskirts.

I don't know should I just wait it out and then pick off the final for you I basically that's what we're at right now Oh crazy Crazy's done alright we just oh. Dude oh oh you want to go you better what are you doing oh dude I, got it I got it with a mall of all the, things I did not use one ranged weapon that whole game mind you I only got two kills. But still I find that hilarious alright so you can't customize your character to it there's actually quite a few things in here which is pretty. Cool cyber helm Diablo mask foresters cap you know what I wish you could actually see them well do cyber helm and. Then for clothing let's do SpecOps gear oh there's also gonna be a login feature soon so I'm assuming, you can earn well I'm hoping you can earn rewards later on oh it looks. Like it's actually very similar to the other one alright so we're gonna give it another round here see how we can do let's try this gun out and now we just. Got to wait oh hey buddy actually I'll fight you yeah you better run away I'm gonna take this yeah you know what totally, fine there you go and I got a ranged upgrade for this guy right over, here oh it seemed to pump it by about 5% so not too bad got that guy down. I should be yeah I only got one. Ammo left so let's just get rid of that and now we got the bet the cool slicey slicey sword alright speed upgrade I don't know what this guy's doing All Right see you later this game just. Came out by the way I think. A lot of people don't know how to play which is probably why I'm doing so well I'm there like I said it's probably some lag issues as well I definitely need to. Find another gun though cuz all I got is one shot I better not miss my, chance to blow all right I'm gonna say this.

Is probably the ultimate combo this melee weapon and then the shoddy there's really not much that can beat it unless you got really good aim the crossbows obviously gonna be a bit better because it. Almost one hits. People sometimes it does one hit now we're already at three kills there's only four alive so once again we're getting pretty lucky Oh Bob see you later Bob what do we. Got left to alive so down to the final two again can I win it I'm gonna stick to the. Sides because I have not seen this other guy so bring it on buddy come on show your filthy face I think he's hiding in. A bush no I missed oh he missed how did you, miss how did I miss I I shouldn't be rude because it's definitely hard to aim ah but yeah I know there I think I've won, more than I've lost I hate to say that but I think that's the case alright so we are, now on a different server this one has, definitely some more challenging competition I was on a pretty soft server I found so I decided to join to join a totally. Different wine and this one seems to have much better competition so we should be a little bit more challenged this, time and I definitely want that challenge because those cuts we're getting pretty easy as sad as that is we got a guy all right long range it's. Shot there we go 700 enemy killed Ono Eastwood he's what don't give me yeah a double kill, okay I got lucky there Eastwood was about to rip. My head off but I did get a lucky shot off I need to go find health though I don't even remember yes there was a little bit of health over. Here what okay I still have the axe I think I'll get this thing instead and I need to get. Some health quickly still six alive I. Have probably my most hated gun but you know what it does a decent amount of damage so I guess I really, can't complain all right oh yeah there we go another one down sticking to the outskirts seems to be a valid strategy because the campers are all, in the middle I do not want to deal with the campers so we got three kills and three alive man I can't find any health people have. Already obviously stolen it how small it's, getting pretty small it's about half the map right now and it is rapidly going inwards so hopefully they can fight each other and I can pick. Off the scrag ler if not that's okay though oh okay oh I got no help how much ammo I got, no ammo oh god that's not good. So I'm stuck I'm stuck good stuff I'm screwed I yeah okay that final part screwed me up royally so Wow when you. Go outside of the boundaries it really affects you alright let's play again definitely you can tell though it's a little bit more skilled on, this one so that's good alright the crossbow Maul strategy oh, oh hey hey hey hey why you gotta be like that why you gotta be wow you are going you are going crazy good sir oh alright woah woah woah woah. Okay obviously holy there's 34 people on this server so all right we already got, a shotgun no you are gonna get up you you know I'm not stuff not teaming I, know that means team you guys guys you're gonna wait for me you guys get away this is this is mine, don't you do you Bob Bob why you got to do that you're just gonna right get out of here okay okay there's so many people on. This server all right I'm pulling back I do not want to fight anybody I would love to get region ah all right. Guys and that's gonna wrap it up for this. Episode of foes dot IO I gotta say it is nice to be getting back into the IO games especially with. A good one like this if you guys do you want to play it obviously just post that IO and your browser. And you'll go right to the web page where you can play it for yourself now let me know do you want to see some more on this do, you wanna see some more IO games. Are you enjoying them or do you absolutely despise them because I would like to know in the comments as always guys thanks for watching and liking and I'll see you in the next one .