When I hear I need to oh my god guys holy okay wait a minute oh we just finished on the first no go back as my name, is failure we go play push that are you right now I know I'm later because this game released a.

Week ago but still a lot of a lot of my fans okay people discord people in the comments make sure to join my discord they spam me. And say that I have to play foods that I yo but let's try this out first. Let's customize herself I can choose ahead right now but I cannot see I actually want to see an image of. Something what it looks like now I don't know what it looks like I'm just gonna choose this let's go alright guys let's start. This game so this game is all about surviving you need to find the right right weapons and the right power-ups I. Already got one rifle which is perfect I do, see someone right here I'm gonna kill him real fast oh my god guys I am. Probably gonna die I killed him okay that's super nice I need to find Craig's with blue question marks they give like power-ups like permanent power-ups. Okay I don't got a powerup right now but I so I don't know how we gonna survive this oh I see. Nice gun right here think I'm gonna use this gun oh I definitely want this right here okay, nice I got this weapon right here better the only. Problem right now it's my health I'm just gonna stay with this one or should I go with this one now I'm, gonna stay with this one the handgun is better I think I actually hope I don't know but let's go guys let's go I need to find some crates where are Chris give me some grace, okay there's still several players online okay one second okay nice no no no we I'm gonna stay. Right here get this health right here okay okay the handgun did, actually a surprising amount of damage I really like that I think there are no crates anymore so I am going to hide in this bush right here if, I see someone I'm going to kill him and if he comes close I'm gonna.

Use this weapon right here and then just hit him alright oh my god. Guys Bowie Bowie all right let's go get him let's go get him you don't, mess with me you don't mess with me where is he he's right there guys okay I still got like 11 mo I'm gonna kill this guy over here oh we got it we got him guys okay, we killed, someone we got a 9 mo and stay right here guys come on 8 mo am I the only one with it with a gun okay okay we. Want guys we actually almost want we want we finish on the, first place and I've never get on the first place on the first try so this is a big w for, me ready squad okay now we need to wait we need to wait until these guys are done killing each other all right guys let's go and start we already got a rifle we got a. Handgun which is amazing can we just get this real real fast oh. My god I wasted a lot of ammo okay got more are, more got a shield oh my god okay I need to go oh my god guys oh okay. We killed him whoa that was super close there was super super close guys but I am low on ammo right now oh my, god guys I hope we don't die no health is right there I need any dead I need that over there No please please don't do that okay I'm probably gonna die. I'm probably gonna die if I see someone. I need to kill that guy really fast okay I hope there's something right here for me like ammo can we get ammo please no I don't want rifles I don't need a shotgun. I just need yeah. I also need that there are four people alive so that's not much so we have more chance of winning okay keep on going keep on going guys there's nothing like it oh, my god oh, my god okay I need to go I need to go guys I still have five ammo for ammo I'm probably not gonna make this guys, three ammo how are we gonna do this oh my god one okay I'm done I still have one mo okay this. Is gonna be the golden bullet oh my god guys I'm probably gonna die oh my god we finished on the, third place or let's try this again guys let's try this again we need a, rifle where can we get a rifle I hope we can get a rifle right there in this just hot this is, also good I like that too oh this is better I got a pretty good pretty good. Rifle right now how did how the hell did I die what the hell is this alright let's start over let's start over we need to find a weapon a weapon, where is a weapon can we get a weapon I don't see a weapon please give me a handgun or sniper, I would love to have a sniper is this a sniper I don't think it, is a sniper did it already begin oh he will also see an X next it's also pretty good keep on going. Guys keep on going let's go okay that, guy's dead he he hit me oh my god oh my god guys look at that damage hopefully that guy kills him over there let him spend, all his bullets but oh my God he's dead that's what I thought guys I knew he was gonna die alright let's, go you already got a 1 kill let's keep going oh my, god alright let's begin let's go oh a shield a nice weapon but he took it let's go nice come on come on come on come on nice we can slice a lot. Of people with this right hammer and hammer I do not prefer a hammer it costs way too much energy all right let's go.

Let's find a rifle why the hell didn't I got a rifle already come on get me, a rifle why the hell is there not any gun can I get a gun please oh my god that's mine that's mine don't take. That over there don't take that that's what I'm gonna. Get you okay that guy's okay I'm gonna I'm gone I'm gone oh my god guys okay let's take this rifle right here for EM oh, is that everything that really sucks guys so, that means that that means that we need to oh I killed someone okay wait a minute wait a minute guys no please please please don't kill me please okay. Let's get away let's get away.

Guys we got one thing we cannot with three ammo not bad not bad at all could we get something else is there still something maybe your health great that would be nice okay guys I got no other. Choice I need to hide right here my.

Two enemies are right there I don't know how I should do this when I hit I, need to oh my god guys holy okay wait a minute oh we just finished in the first place okay that was close I really, like that guys that was amazing did you see how i sized him that was so freakin cool. I want to do that again we can do this we can, do this guys we need a gun please don't kill me please please please don't kill me guys I see a pretty good gun right here eight ammo if you're hit you it with one bullet you're probably dead, because this is one of the strongest weapon in the game alright alright guys come on, okay you better do not mess with me I'm gonna kill gonna kill them better you. Better go away okay you wasted one bullet okay six ammo okay killed that's what you get but I wasted way. Too much bullets him I got for Mo out of eight and that's not good okay. I need to get a secondary weapon like an axe or something okay damn I. Kill right there okay and I also got a hit which is not okay I still got three ammo I did see someone a variety here maybe I can still get him, no I can see him someone is right there i freakin died I already saw it coming it was way too obvious I got, a low health and, I didn't have many bullets and I also didn't had a secondary weapon so I couldn't do anything big guys let's, try this one more time okay this is the last time I want to finish in the first place if it do not finish on the fourth play it's okay because we already. Finished several times on the first place alright guys this is the last time I need to find a, rifle but I got enough rifles right here and I also, got ammo I really need the ammo come on three two one and there you go come on let's get this crate three ammo come on come on. Come on what the hell just. Happened right there why did that happen I should have killed him I need I need a blue blue question mark I would love to.

Have that because it's so freakin Opie I'm not interested in fighting right now okay nothing nothing interesting.

Come on yo you better he took the mo I'm gonna die probably I'm probably gonna die oh my god damn guys all right guys let's end it right here I, really recommend you to play this game. This game is fun it has the same concept as h1z1 and better Underground's or something five minutes to kill that I own I. Think that is it these type of games are a lot of fun you should check it out would you mind if I end this video right here sake watching this video if. Like so make sure to drop a like subscribe for several friends I'll see you. In the next video .